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Pet sitting / House Sitting services & rates

Baiy and Casey, Daily Visits

Daily Visits - 1 to 4 visits per day - We take care of your pets daily needs such as feed, water, outside time for exercise and potty breaks. Always a lot of love and attention included too.

  • Starting at $35.00 per visit.


*Services are available seven days a week

Live In Visits, Love Your Pets Too

Live In Visits - We pack our bag, food and linens and stay in your home while you're away. We call this our Pet and Home Protection Plan.

24 hour Live In Pricing:

  • $140 for one dog per 24 hours.

  • $150 for two dogs per 24 hours.

  • $160 for three dogs per 24 hours.


*Dogs under one years old will be charged an additional $35 per day to the above pricing.

* Services are available seven days a week

Dog Boarding In Our Home


Overnight visits

Overnight VisitsWe arrive in the evening and stay in your home from 7pm to 7am to keep your pet on their normal routine  They have the comfort of having a loving companion throughout the night.

  • Starting at $120 up to a 12 hour stay.

* Services are available seven days a week

Included in our services

Feed and Water

Administer Medication

Dog Walking

Lots of TLC & Cuddling

Mail / Newspaper Pickup

Trash to Curb & Back

Water Plants

Lights off / On

Blinds Open / Close

Clean Cat Litter Box

Pick Up Doggie Poop

Pool maintenance (check water levels and add chemicals as needed)

Daily Visits
Live In Visits
Pet Care In Our Home
Overnight Visits
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